How long will the carpet cleaning take to complete?

Obviously, it depends on the size of the job. However, a rough guide would be as follows
· 1 x Room of Carpet: 45 Mins
· 2 x Rooms of Carpet: 1 Hour
· 3 x Rooms of Carpet: 1.5 Hours
· 4 x Rooms: 2 Hours

How long does the carpet take to dry once completed?

We use the best quality equipment in the industry to deliver the best possible dry times. It does depend a little on the weather and the type of carpet being cleaned, however a general guide would be 3-4 Hours in Summer and 4-5 Hours in Winter. This can also be sped up with the use of fans and/or air conditioning.

Do I need to move the furniture?

This is your choice. Some people will move everything off the carpet prior to our arrival but many just leave the heavy items in place to clean around and move the smaller/lighter items off. We are happy to help move these smaller items for you. The Lighter items we can also slide back and forth to clean either side as another option.

Do you do both Carpet Steam Cleaning and dry cleaning? Which is the right choice?

Yes we do both methods and which one is best depends on the dry times required, access to the property and type of carpet to be cleaned. We will always advise based on which will provide the best results for each situation.

Do I have to be here the whole time?

Again this is your choice – many customers are home when we arrive, but then head out while we clean the carpets and we call or sms them once we have finished.

Can I pay by Card/EFTPOS?

Yes we have EFTPOS Facility and accept Visa, Mastercard and AMEX

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