Carpet Cleaning Perth

Carpets give your house a nice soft, luxurious feel along with benefits such as noise reduction, insulation providing a sense of warmth and a softer landing on tumbles and falls.

Let’s face it though carpet fibres trap dirt, oils, dust mites and bacteria which over time can discolour the materials, cause unpleasant odours and stains. This can have a negative effect on your health especially if you suffer from allergies or asthma.

Hence, having your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year, your home will be a healthier fresher and truly cleaner place for you and your family. Plus you’ll be maximising the life of the carpet.

All our carpet cleaning Perth customers receive our 6 step process for professionally clean carpets. Using the best equipment and cleaning agents we deliver far superior results that domestic vacuum cleaners and some other cleaning companies just cannot achieve.

Step 1 : Vacuum thoroughly with high quality industrial vacuum cleaner.

Step 2 : Pre-spray with cleaning agent specific to your carpet type.

Step 3 : Rotary buff pre-sprayed carpet to agitate the fibres.

Step 4 : Hot water extraction is used to extract the dirt and water and sends it   to the waste tank in our van.

Step 5 : Spot treatment applied to stubborn stains followed by hot water   extraction.

Step 6 : Post deodorising of carpets and grooming of fibres.

You have the choice to either Steam Carpet Cleaning or Dry Carpet Cleaning.

Our Steam Carpet Cleaning uses very hot steam water and high pressure to dislodge all the dirt and oil from the carpet which is then extracted using a high powered industrial vacuum.

Our Dry Carpet Cleaning uses the latest technology called “Encapsulation” where the dirt is encapsulated or encased by a chemical polymer and then the encased particle is vacuumed up by your standard vacuum cleaner.

Carpet cleaning Perth’s metropolitan suburbs, 6 days per week between 8am and 6pm.

Have a tricky carpet spill? Check out our DIY Stain Cleaning Tips

We guarantee to carry out your residential carpet cleaning and maintenance to the highest standards.


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CleanRite Carpet Care are a popular choice in Perth’s Western suburbs. From a base in Cottesloe we are a convenient choice.


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The Right equipment and the right training

High Grade Equipment

We use industry leading Sapphire Scientific truckmounted machines.

Polite and Punctual

We are family owned and operated carpet cleaning business who cares!

Smooth Experience

We understand the potential disruption so make the process as smooth as possible.


We are highly trained professionals with an eye for detail.

The Cleanest Carpets

Our machines have the most power and highest heat in the industry

We Care

We are highly respectful of your house and belongings.

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